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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.  If your question is not here please ask us.  We want to help.

  • 1. Why haven’t I ever head about utility bill audits?

  • While utility bill auditing companies have been performing services for decades, most of the companies in the industry are small operations, working from home offices or small commercial office operations. The professional education necessary to work in the utility bill auditing industry has been a barrier to entry over the years, with most of the existing players being former employees of utility companies.

  • 2. Can companies audit their own utility bills in-house?

  • Utility and service providers use computerized systems to create their billing, so finding discrepancies in energy bills or other services is not generally an issue of “wrong addition and subtraction”. Success in auditing comes primarily from intimate understanding of industry and practices.

  • 5. Where do the savings and refunds come from?

  • The savings and refunds come from identifying and fixing common occurrences of metering errors, rate errors, mathematical and clerical errors, misclassifications, missed incentives and unclaimed credits, duplicate charges and market pricing opportunities.

  • 6. What size of company can benefit from an audit?

  • Companies that spend a minimum of $12,000 yearly in energy expenses are at the lower end of the spectrum. Discovery Energy’s previous customers have spent as much as $25,000,000 annually in energy costs.

  • 7. Is the UtilityPro System a business opportunity or a franchise?

  • The UtilityPro System is not a business opportunity or a franchise. The UtilityPro System is a professional training program designed to teach individuals how to conduct a utility bill audit exactly as the professionals at Discovery Energy. This education can then be used within the framework of your own business, or as a service to be offered within another business.

  • 8. What is included in the UtilityPro System?

  • The UtilityPro System includes (1)UtilityPro Manual filled with step by step instruction about the utility auditing industry, including examples, case studies and industry glossary; (2) Three day hands-on classroom training with experienced utility auditors; (3) All computer software and resources necessary to manage every aspect of the utility bill audit; (4) Web support for questions about auditing or other support issues.

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