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UtilityPro System


UtilityPro is a system that gives you the training, resources, and software needed to be a full service Utility Bill Auditor. With this system, you will learn how to uncover errors and overcharges on your clients energy accounts, resulting in refunds and savings for your clients that you both share. And best of all, audits are performed on a contingency basis, so if you don’t find any errors, they pay nothing! Now that is a true win/win scenario.

Imagine starting your own energy consulting business.

Businesses are ready to hear what you have to say. More than ever businesses are focused on saving money and reducing energy costs.  Whether they have green initiatives, or cost reduction goals, utility auditing addresses the costs that most businesses never even question, and know the least about – their utility bills.

The UtilityPro System gives you everything you need to start performing utility audits on your own clients.  Leverage 20 years of experience and learn auditing techniques, marketing and selling techniques, and avoid the trial and error nature of starting your own business.  Discovery gives you the tools to start immediately, and to perform efficiently.

Give your clients value.  Give your clients results.  Give them back the money they hate paying to the Utility.  They will thank you.

UtilityPro System

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